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Porsche Carrera S 997 mk2

Review from Auto Express UK

In terms of longevity, only one sports car comes close to Porsche’s 911: the Corvette. But with the two cars head-to-head, the decades of experience have clearly been put to better use by the German brand.

The latest 997 generation is one of the greatest 911s to date. Its overall shape hasn’t altered significantly since the launch of the 996 in 1999, although the front end is now closer in style to the classic round light look of the original 911. But whatever you think of the design, a number of significant changes have taken place under the skin.

Inside, you’ll soon spot the benefits of modern technology. Stepping from the oldest Porsche in our line-up to the latest is like climbing into a time machine. Only the large circular dials and centrally mounted rev counter look familiar.

Head out on the road and it won’t be long before you realise how capable the latest 911 is. The driving experience
is difficult to fault in any area.

From the first turn of the steering wheel you feel a level of control that’s lacking in many rivals. This impression
of mechanical precision is mirrored in the slick manual gearchange and the stiff, yet accurate pedals.

The handling balance is superb. Retaining the unorthodox rear-engined layout has proved to be a great decision, as the latest 911 is as lithe and nimble as any sports car on sale today. No matter how quickly you’re driving, the Porsche is easy to place on the road and carves accurately through any corner.

When driving on the Nordschleife for the first time you quickly realize that power is not the most important thing. Track knowledge is. The 73 corners will challenge even the most prepared driver so bringing a guide along on the first lap is highly recommended. 95% of all accidents are solo accidents which means that people exceed their Nordschleife capabilities. 

Let's make Nordschleife safe together

Basic prices


  • 2 laps 460€
  • 4 laps 830€
  • 6 laps 1200€
  • 8 laps 1490€
  • 10 laps 1700€
  • Additional laps 160€

Track Days

  • 10 laps 1700€
  • 16 laps 2380€
  • 20 laps 2720€
  • Additional laps 135€

All prices are excluding fuel and lap tickets

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