Renault Megane RS Trophy 4

Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy

Review from Auto Express UK

Based on the recently introduced RS 280 Cup model, the RS 300 Trophy is the most powerful Renaultsport model ever. Under the skin, the 1.8-litre four-cylinder gets tweaked electronics, plus a turbocharger that’s fitted with ceramic bearings to cope with its greater workloads. There’s also a freer breathing exhaust with an adaptive valve that gives a sportier sound when opened. Power is  296bhp, while torque is 420Nm with the EDC twin-clutch box.

You can feel the extra performance immediately. Renault claims it’s chipped a tenth of second from the 0-100kph, which stands at 5.7 seconds, but it’s the greater mid-range muscle you appreciate the most. There’s virtually no lag; the Megane pulls with a relentless, deep chested urge from as little as 1,600rpm.  

It uses an identical four-wheel steering set-up, cup chassis, hydraulic bump stop suspension and limited-slip differential. You'll get Renault’s bi-material front brake discs, which  combine cast iron and aluminium to reduce unsprung weight by nearly four kilograms. They offer greater resistance to fade and have a nicely weighted pedal action.

At first the Megane feels nervy as you turn into a corner, forcing you to be calmer and more precise with your inputs. But you quickly get used to it and the Renault scythes through corners with uncanny speed, precision and agility.

When driving on the Nordschleife for the first time you quickly realize that power is not the most important thing. Track knowledge is. The 73 corners will challenge even the most prepared driver so bringing a guide along on the first lap is highly recommended. 95% of all accidents are solo accidents which means that people exceed their Nordschleife capabilities. 

Let's make Nordschleife safe together

Basic prices


  • 2 laps 200€
  • 4 laps 360€
  • 6 laps 520€
  • 8 laps 650€
  • 10 laps 740€
  • Additional laps 65€

Track Days

  • 10 laps 740€
  • 16 laps 1035€
  • 20 laps 1180€
  • Additional laps 80€

All prices are excluding fuel and lap tickets

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