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April 26th 2019 on Facebook

Top quality service and Cars

Ricky Kure - Recommends

April 8th 2019 on Facebook

Frank was super cool and the service was on point definitely the place I’m gonna use from now on!

Sigyn Andersen - Recommends

April 2nd 2019 on Facebook

Those Ibiza Cupra are great value for money, amazing experience, and so much faster than you think

Allan Jørgensen - Recommends

March 19th 2019 on Facebook

Attitude to customers, safety, and price. They’re just a really cool company for race rentals at the Nürburgring. Massively friendly to beginners and have high end cars for more experienced types (M2, GT3 etc).

Joseph Kotrie-Monson - Recommends

March 3rd 2019 on Facebook

Service is spot on cars are amazing for all abilities and the prices are competitive 👌

Tim Bowditch - Recommends

December 21st 2019 on Facebook
Great service, great cars and fair prices, the place to go for Nürburgring rental car

Lars Kruse - Recommends

October 15th 2018 on

I booked two laps in the Ibiza Cupra R stage 2 and 2 laps in the Porsche 911, but I ended up spending almost my entire 2 days visit at EVN Ring Rentals! Frank is a great guy. Truly focussed on customer satisfaction and creating a unique atmosphere around his garage. Car fanatics drop in throughout the day and I met a lot of like-minded people. The location is great and the cars are in perfect shape; the value of which should not be underestimated when driving in anger on the Nordschleife! The stage 2 CUPRA was a real blast; awesome cornering speeds on AR-1 semi-slicks, 6-pot brake calipers, 260+ BHP turbo power, bucket seats and race harnesses, almost no sound proofing. Probably the best-value rental car at the ring. And the 911.... unforgettable.
Frank joined me in the cars and gave clear instructions throughout. Book a few laps with Frank as an instructor and you will come out a better driver. Not to mentioned that he might save your ass :-)
You will not be disappointed by choosing EVN!

Frank Berben - Recommends

October 3rd 2018 on

What a day!
Frank is a fantastic teacher and really improved my laps. It’s amazing value for money too. I can’t wait to get back
to Nürburg for more time on the ring with these guys.
Thank you very much! 100% recommended.

Eifion Edwards - Recommends

October 3rd 2018 on

Top people, top service! Drove the Ibizas and the Porsche. Incredible experience. I Will be back - and I Will use EVN again. 6/5 stars 

Martin Schrum - Recommends

September 1st 2018 on

I've just come back having spent the bank holiday weekend and thought I should write a short review and thank you. I contacted Frank a couple of weeks before arrival and explained I had no experience and was interested in the stage one Ibiza. He replied almost immediately and made the booking. A day before we set off we were informed that the Nordschleife would be opening an hour later. I contacted Frank and he explained that he was about to contact everyone to tell them, he told me not to worry and collect the car when ready.
I arrived to collect the car and was guided through the paper work with Camilla who was rally nice and patient. She then gave me a safety briefing and gave me some really good advice on certain characteristics of the car and track. We both did a walk around of the car and off I went. And the waited for the track to open due to an accident. I did my laps and returned the car but I forgot to refuel it, Camilla was very relaxed about it and said its ok just nip down and fuel it.
The whole experience was great, they are really nice people to deal with,  with some very nice cars that are in great condition and at very good prices. I will be using them again when I return, Frank and Camilla I thank you for helping making my first Nurburgring experience great. Only one thing could make it better, A RHD model with DSG gearbox, what do you think Frank ?

Simon Brown - 5 stars

August 9th 2018 on

This is the place to go for the following reasons.
1 . the passion! people throw the term "I'm passionate about ****" around a lot. but EVN and Frank defines it!
2. the knowledge. He knows everything about the ring, the area, and how to get the most of it. which brings me to number 3
3. the selection. the cars are perfect for any driver level. and the attention to detail regarding the upgrades and choice of cars ar spot on!

Thank you !

Jarri Schnack - Recommends

August 9th 2018 on

Jeg besøgte EVN Rentals, og Frank var super hjælpsom og en super rar fyr. Vi fik mange historier fra stedet, hvor han holder til om mange af de gamle racerkørere, der har kørt på banen.

Jeg fik en tur i en Seat Ibiza og den gik virkeligt godt. Den var sat rigtigt godt op til ringen og var tilpas blød til, at en nybegynder sagtens kan få sig en fed oplevelse. Det fik jeg ihvertfald. 

Thumbs up herfra!

Mads Kure - Recommends

July 22nd 2018 on

Did a few laps with the Ibiza Stage 1. Fantastic car to drive, fun for both beginners and more experienced drivers. Frank is really a nice guy with a true passion for the business.

Laurens Carijn - 5 stars

July 11th 2018 on

Frank is so cool. He knows his car and I had such a fantastic drive today. Was smiling all the way back to my hotel. Thank you again.

Mohd Yusoff - 5 stars

July 8th 2018 on

Would defo use these guys again, great value for money and the cars were well spec’d, can’t thank them enough 5*

Peter Gosney - 5 stars

5th of July 2018 on

The Best experience... Frank is an amazing Driver and person... I would like to come back again.... All was Exceptional.... Love it!

Julio CV - 5 stars

28th of June 2018 og

I was very pleased with EVN. They explained everything that I asked and were very friendly. Their prices are competitive to average and the Stage 1 Ibiza that I used seemed in good condition and drove well. Their location is also very good as it is just a hundred meters from the main entrance to the Nordschleife.
Helmets are free to use and I put fuel in myself at the end of my laps, in this way I managed to save 10 Euros.
Thank you EVN for making my ring experience a fun one.

Douglas - 5 stars

June 23rd 2018 on

We chose EVN ring rentals for my dads 60th birthday trip to the Nurburgring from Dublin, Ireland. Frank and Camilla were wonderful at helping us chose the right car and giving us tips for the ring. In such close proximity to the ring we could pop back to have tyre pressures checked before approaching our next laps. A great service, with lovely people who are so knowledgeable about the history of the ring. We would highly recommend EVN.

Clodagh McCague - 5 stars

June 20th 2018 on

Frank and his team at EVN offer unmatched service, value, expertise and friendliness. Definitely the best rental around. In fact, I have been to all the big names previously (Hertz, Avis, Sixt) and when I told them about how their cars handled Carousel on the Nordschleife, not only were they not impressed, they kicked me out! None of that from EVN. They do what the rest can’t. Ten stars!

Liam Kotrie - 5 stars

June 20th 2018 on

Had the privilege of staying at big Frank’s and driving little Frank’s Stage 1 Seat. Brilliant weekend and very professional, can’t wait for return trip 

Macartan McCauge - 5 stars

13th of June 2018 on

Extremely good and flexible service. Tested today both SEATs, stg1 and stg2 and both are fast enough to give wibes for adrenalin junkies :)!

Timo Jaakola - 5 stars

25th of May 2018 on

The four laps I drove in Sydney were the best time I have enjoyed since I was severely injured. I am the son of the FIA World Endurance Champion 1981 and have driven some incredible cars in my life, but Sydney was a perfectly balanced, forgiving quick little car that when driven appropriately you can pass 3 911's, the Golf GTI (an expensive competitor of EVN) and other cars you should never get close to. The tires are perfect for your first trip to the Ring because when warmed they will make noise as you hit the limit of traction, and the brakes are incredibly strong and will not fade. My only problem was shifting due to the loss of feeling in my right arm, but easy for a normal person short throw between gears.

I forgot to say thanks again to Frank, the owner truly appreciates customers that got as much as I enjoyment as I did. I will be back to drive again and will only go back to Frank.

Eric Garretson - 5 stars

1st of May 2018 on

Nürburgring first-timer here. Frank was very helpful, even riding along to spot for me. The car was well maintained, and delivered what was promised. A great time!

Jared Reelitz - 5 stars

26th of April 2018 on

Great cars, easy to drive, lots of power and friendly people :) A great hotel with an exciting history. A really good value for money. Is very recommendable. I will see you soon again.

Karsten Viadukten Jerichau - 5 stars

4th of April 2018 on

This is a really good race rental place, especially for guys who are new or not that experienced at the ring. Frank the owner is very generous with his time explaining how to approach things, they have very high quality cars and also good open face helmets for renters who dot have their own. They also have a 911 Porsche! The price is competitive but the best thing is the location. Because they are the nearest rental place to the track, you can wait during track closures on site and chill rather than having your car out on the overspill car park and being delayed with all the other cars coming from that side when it reopens.

It’s a very well organised and fair business to deal with. Wasn’t surprised when Frank told me he’d been a quartermaster in the army. These guys are clearly both reliable and trustworthy, sadly not always two words that come to mind when dealing with motorsport!

Joseph Kotrie Monson - 5 stars