We give 2 free instruction laps on all track day rentals

Driving the Nordschleife is not an easy task. We advise all newcomers to have at least one lap of guidance as the narrow track can seem overwhelming with its many blind corners, changing weather conditions, changing tarmac, fast local drivers etc. 

We are using very skilled instructors with several years of experience on the track ensuring that you get safe through your laps and go home with a great memorable feeling. 

For more experienced drivers who wants to improve their braking and steering points as well as their ideal line we offer coaching on track days at very affordable prices. Our experience tells us that not many drivers have had instruction on the Nordschleife. If you want to become better, smoother and faster on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and at the same time become a safer driver book your coaching now on +4553642349 or booking@evn-ringrentals.com and ask for driver instruction.


  • 1 lap 49€
  • 4 laps (1 hour) 149€
  • Full day 639€

Learning with an onboard coach

Learning with an onboard coach