Why is Safety so important?


Every week there is an accident on the Nordschleife. This is often caused by unfortunate behavior, exceeding personal skills or vehicle capabilities. Accidents also happen to drivers driving within their limitations but unfortunately are hit by someone else.

It is of extreme importance to know the risk of driving at high speed on a difficult track like the Nordschleife. Should something unplanned happen, you should preferably be in a position of having already considered possible consequences. At EVN Ring Rentals we highly recommend the use of personal safety equipment. The importance of a helmet will only show after a crash.

Why is it so important to consider these safety issues before driving on the track? Most of us are tourist and not professional race car drivers, many of the cars driven on the Nordschleife are customized road cars and we all come here to exploit an adventure, to feel the mystery behind the Green Hell, getting that crazy adrenalin kick and return home with GREAT MEMORIES for life. 

When driving on the Nordschleife during Tourist driving sessions we recommend to use the new app called Track Secure. The app is a support tool for drivers on the Nordschleife where information about yellow zones are shared which means you can be warned prior entering the area of a potential speed reduction.

Think about this

Traffic Rules

The Nordschleife is a toll road and all traffic rules are applied meaning:

  • Slower cars or bikes are overtaken on the left side.
  • Slower cars or bikes stay on the right side of the track.
  • Normal sense of respect to other drivers are shown throughout.
  • Respect roadwork signs and slow down when passing


One very important topic of late has been the use of lap timers. We believe that the use of lap timers may cause an unintentional negative and aggressive behavior from drivers when trying to go faster improving their personal best lap time. It is highly important to keep in mind that the Nordschleife Touristenfahrten is for everyone wanting a great experience and memory. It should be a place for petrolheads to meet up and have a great time. The ban of lap timers should be fully respected by all.

Yellow Flags / Accidents

Yellow flags or yellow lights are a sign of an accident up ahead. This should be highly respected and any failure not to comply to the marshals signals the driver will be banned for the day.

Slow down and respect the people working at the location.

We hope that a new app called Track Secure will be implemented during 2019. Its an online app that supports the driver if an accident has happened on the track by keeping the driver updated of what is going on and where #safetogether