How do I book a car?

When you have selected your car simply fill out the template under book and press submit. Make sure to fill out all the required fields so we can check the availability and get back to you as quickly as possible with the confirmation.

How and when do I pay?

When you have booked a car from us you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. You can pay by using bank transfer or credit card upon arrival. 

In some rental occasions we require a small deposit and for taxi laps we require full payment upfront.

Can I use your instructors in my own car?

Absolutely! We do expect that your car is in good track condition with the proper setup. 

What happens if I crash in your car?

Driving on the Nordschleife has a risk. 95% of all the crashes are solo accidents so its easy to conclude that either the driver are driving over own limit or something is wrong with the car. 

If you by accident solo crash in one of our cars stay calm. If possible park the car safely on the side of the track. Before stepping out of the car check that no car is approaching you from behind. Get out of the car and if possible bring the yellow flag. Jump across the barrier to the safe side and call for help. The number for the marshals are on the flag pole.

They will then send a recovery truck and bring the car back to EVN.

If you crash together with someone else the procedure of exiting the car and calling the marshals are the same.

They will deploy help and the police will most likely be involved as well to determine who carries the guilt of the accident.

You will be brought in by the marshals.

If there's barrier damage you will have to pay for the repair.

You will also have to pay Bongaard for the recovery.

When this is done you will have to pay for the excess level of the car at EVN Ring Rentals. 

You will also have to pay the excess if you where hit by another driver. The excess you will then receive back from EVN Ring Rentals if the police decides that the accident was not your fault and the insurance company of the 3rd party has been paid to EVN.

Why are the excess levels so high?

The reason for the high excess levels are because it isn't possible to insure a rental car in a high risk area with a low excess level at a valuable price. 

We do offer a reduction in excess level if you are using one of our instructors while driving. It will have an additional cost for the coach but also improve your Nordschleife knowledge. For more information check out the insurance document here.

Do you do company events?

Yes of course we do. We have had several success full company events. We are capable to setup a variety of activities from driving to meeting facilities. simply drop us an email for more information

Do I need to pay a deposit?

You can see on the price list if there's a deposit on the car you have chosen. Please make sure that your credit card has full availability of the deposit amount before arriving.

Can I drop inn and book a car?

Yes please drop inn and see if we have cars available. Its very rare that all of our cars are out at the same time.

What do I do if the track closes because of an accident?

It happens that the marshals close the track if there's a large or several smaller accidents. In these cases we never know how long they will keep it closed. You have the opportunity keep the car or bring it back. We do not give back your money but offer you a voucher so you can come back and enjoy the track in one of our cars.

I have booked a car but are not able to come?

If you have booked a car but something gets in your way to visit us please send us an email or call us right away. We fully understand that things not always goes as planned. If you call us then we have the opportunity to hire the car out to someone else.

What do I do if I see an accident on the track?

If you are the first one arriving to an accident on the track please act as described.

  1. Keep going through - Never stop in front of an accident.
  2. When passing assess if they need help.
  3. If they need help park the car safely, step out when you are safe, bring the yellow flag and jump across the barrier.
  4. Stop the accident by using the yellow flag. Move yourself to a position where you can slow down the incoming traffic but alway stay behind the barrier.
  5. Stay there until the marshals arrive and take over. 

I booked 10 laps but only did 8. What should I do?

We will give you a voucher of 2 laps that you then can come back and use later on.